yess!!! The website is ALMOST ready, in very few days getting online!!! Its really time, because I can’t wait to have little free time again… 😀 Its unbelievable how the time run… Its almost end of the summer and I didn’t realize that at all… 😀

I have some new cool photos done, besides videos for the Dream site, we made another couple shooting with Marcello, and Remus… 😀 Remus is a beautiful 800kg horse, and we did photos I always wanted to do it in my life! They are just few ready ones in this moment, but more coming soon, and I will update them in my portfolio than. As well some new nudeart in the austrian nature, and Vienna… 🙂

IMG_1069 IMG_1075 IMG_1076 IMG_1079

I love them… What do you think? 🙂

And this one is just little backstage from public shooting in the city… The guy behind me just stays there long time and watch me posing… he don’t want to go and stay in the focus all the time so I make him little happy… :D:D:D Thank he left:D


So… 🙂 thats it in this moment… If you are interesting to see our trailers from the new videos, check my youtube channel, that you know what is coming on the new website!!!

Many kisses and love Yours Caprice