Hello Dears!

How are you doing in summer time? I love this time, but this year I have more to do than ever before 😀 I like it but the time run so fast now, aaa 😀 Im some days at home now, but friday Im flying to Saint Tropez for a shooting, and also some scenes for the new website 🙂 I never been there so Im very excited! 🙂 There is one new beach club, they bough big print of my photo underwater from my friend photographer, so selfie coming soon.. 😀

So Im very sorry I put this website on the last position, and my blogs are not coming so often like before…

But Im  trying at least to use my social networks, so follow me for the latest selfies etc, specially instagram, there are my almost daily posts… 🙂


https://twitter.com/Caprice_Dreams  the twitter page is new, and it focus on the new website 🙂


So 😀 maybe you want to know what my last shoot was? Well, this shooting I liked very much, It was promotion shooting for towel series… 😀  Here is video and photos enjoy 🙂

190A6170 190A6157 190A6042 190A5635 190A5665

P.S. As we wrote on twitter, the new website needs longer than I though, there is lot of stuff and we want it to work perfect, hope you understand!!!  And thank you for your passion.

With love Yous Caprice