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seth mcconnell 

You are a very gorgeous young woman.I am a fan of you.You have my deepest respect


Loved your work for years.


Marketa really are a very beautiful woman, since I saw in photos looks that are very natural, you’re my muse and my heart throbs every time I see you. Now I see you’re in your facet model and these radiant and very sexy, very naturally and when pinup freedom. I wish to follow progressing well as simple, beautiful and natural are. Blessings, take care.


Caprice i love your Pin Up portfolio. Not only was it hot/beautiful/sexy/erotic, but it was also in the U.S.A.!!! Being from Texas, you were soooo near. I would have over to see you on the beach. 😍


Pleasure to make contact with you, Caprice. (Gawd, i love the internet) You are STUNNING in all of your portfolios, but allow me to share a fantasy of mine about you. The photo of you in the red panties & Motley Crue tshirt really makes my head spin as they were my fave metal band growing up. I imagine coming home with you after a HIM concert in Helsinki and you change into those comfortable clothes for the rest of the evening’s activities. 🙄

Thanks for reading.


I love you, your so perfect, do you have snapchat? Maybe you and i can make a video


Hell Miss Caprice. I just wanted to say that mmm.. Physically, I think you are possibly one of the most beautiful women in the world; definitely up there in the top 10 of this 21st century.

I cant comment on your personality as I don’t know you. But if it is anything close to awesome. Then your partner, whoever they may be… is probably one of the luckies person in the world.

I hope you never stop making erotic videos, because I will watch that stuff, even if your still making videos much late in to your life…like when your 80 with saggy tits, basically saggy everything. I will STILL WATCH THAT STUFF!!! ahahahaha 😛
Your humble admirer. ChemC


All the best to Marky and Marcello – stay well and be well.

martin maric 

I just love you…..

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