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I love you, your so perfect, do you have snapchat? Maybe you and i can make a video


Hell Miss Caprice. I just wanted to say that mmm.. Physically, I think you are possibly one of the most beautiful women in the world; definitely up there in the top 10 of this 21st century.

I cant comment on your personality as I don’t know you. But if it is anything close to awesome. Then your partner, whoever they may be… is probably one of the luckies person in the world.

I hope you never stop making erotic videos, because I will watch that stuff, even if your still making videos much late in to your life…like when your 80 with saggy tits, basically saggy everything. I will STILL WATCH THAT STUFF!!! ahahahaha 😛
Your humble admirer. ChemC


All the best to Marky and Marcello – stay well and be well.

martin maric 

I just love you…..


you’re a beautiful woman, I like your facet model now where you look sophisticated, sexy and free.


Very happy to have met you in Geneva. Thank you for your sympathy and your beautiful smile!


Hi my Goddes,

I’m from Poland and I know what is slavic beauty but you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. That eyes, that lips, that nose, that legs. You know… You’re perfect.

Ever come to Poland? <3


bonjour beautiful littleCaprice! just wanted me 2 sign in you G-book, 2 get the news from you ! thanks 4 your fine website..the LOGO looks superb!!have a fine WE in Geneva!


Hey Markéta, It’s great to see you have created your own site. I will be looking forward to seeing more updates from you. I have sent you a PM and I hope to hear back from you soon. With Love, Carl xxx


Your beauty is everything!!!!!!!!!!

Meaning first ” Fantasy” and then has a second meaning : ” Beautiful ”

C a little crazy and whimsical

A original.

P popular all over the world.

R loyal to those he loves

I very sweet and dedicated

C confident and determined

E A good kissed girl 🙂

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