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hello caprice find that you are beautiful and a great actress and model

greetings from Chile


Fan since my early age! No, addicted !! She seems to be more addicted than I am so I’m confident…. She’s incredible and deserves all the most what she could expect. She’s already done really well btw, good moves, in a hard system : leaving a nutritional company is not something evident ! She speeks Czech Republique, Germany and United Kingdom which is a plus when born in the far heart of the continental weather Eastern Europe. That girl is a godsend for all of us !
I hate the Czech Republic, I hate everything in this world in fact :-/ Luckily Czech people are STD free unlike the United States where 1 person over got a shit down there… These tards can’t fuck ! One dick is 1/3 two dicks is 1/2 and three dicks is 2/3 chances to fuck with an STD carrier !!! (Following the binomiale law of Bernoulli tries) Fucking insane… 1st rank STD of the world ! Never fuck there…
Her husband looks in panic to loose her. This guy is one of the lickiest on Earth for sure ! We all should be in panic too, cuz shes wild, really wild…. Really really wild. We all love her 🙂
Unfortunately porn is hard, due to the Internet. In one hands Internet provides to all of us the ability to “access” to porn but on the other hand it’s harder to successfully grow due to the huge tones of sources. Ppl sometimes look enclosed in this porn system, but finally we are all enclosed in ours….
They could do better (we always could!) but she’s chosen x-art and it seems to be really good choice…. Brazzers suck dick, Oh my god I’m close to the vomite when I see a Brazzer vid…. Not surprise that they are full of STD in America we can smell it from here 🙂 these tards are useless, and our Little Caprice proves them that the Europe is the new place where American Dreams take place !
S přátelským pozdravem, podvodník


Marketa, Looks beautiful in your last pics. Really you are working hard and well.

seth mcconnell 

You are a very gorgeous young woman.I am a fan of you.You have my deepest respect


Loved your work for years.


Marketa really are a very beautiful woman, since I saw in photos looks that are very natural, you’re my muse and my heart throbs every time I see you. Now I see you’re in your facet model and these radiant and very sexy, very naturally and when pinup freedom. I wish to follow progressing well as simple, beautiful and natural are. Blessings, take care.


Caprice i love your Pin Up portfolio. Not only was it hot/beautiful/sexy/erotic, but it was also in the U.S.A.!!! Being from Texas, you were soooo near. I would have over to see you on the beach. 😍


Pleasure to make contact with you, Caprice. (Gawd, i love the internet) You are STUNNING in all of your portfolios, but allow me to share a fantasy of mine about you. The photo of you in the red panties & Motley Crue tshirt really makes my head spin as they were my fave metal band growing up. I imagine coming home with you after a HIM concert in Helsinki and you change into those comfortable clothes for the rest of the evening’s activities. 🙄

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