Hello again!!

In these days Im in learning process 😀

Im learning to use photoshop, retouching new sets we are producing by ourselves. Its funny, I kind of like it to retouch them by my own, but I need so much time for it, as Im beginner.. Hope I will get faster in the future 😀

Are you interesting in it? Im really sure you will love it!!! Well, I will show you example… 😀

You can sign up for the newsletter on the upcoming website LITTLECAPRICE-DREAMS 🙂

All I can tell you right now about the new website, is that its gonna be about sex, but not only there is many surprises and interesting stuff going on…!!! 😛

P.S: You can see the new LOGO in the picture.. 🙂 Do you like it? Big thanks to Javier 🙂

He did a great job!!! http://www.javidea.com :)))