nice sunday my dears 🙂

well we are getting closer and closer to the end! Last weeks of preparation, and the website get into the world 😉 I never though, how much work its behind, and how many time we need to spend to let all working good… Specially my biggest wish what I had to my webmasters… I want to get the possibility of web chat, where you will be able to chat with me and see me… Sounds cool or? 😛 oooh my got I cant wait!!! :)))))

As you can see they deleted my youtube channel 😀 well, it sucks, but we create a new one, where we are posting step by step some trailers… Check it out!!!

and 🙂 as you know, I have been shooting in Paris 🙂 some photos are already available… Do you want to see them? ☺️ Haha i know you want 😉 so

image image image

Hope you like it… Kisses yours Caprice