So 🙂 As I promise, Im gonna show you preview from the last idea we had. 🙂

My boyfriend bring alginate and plaster and sayd- lets try to make plaster cast of your pussy- Im sure some of your fans will want to have it at home 😀 Is he right? 😀

So we try it. From beginning was difficult because alginate drying so fast so we had always only 3 minutes to put it on my pussy 😀 But the 3 try was already good and we did 4 forms where we later put plaster inside and make really realistic cast of my pussy! You can see there every small detail its really cool!!!

But now its not finish- we need to modify them to the nice form and paint them so in the end will be really cool sculpture:))) but the mess from the plaster 😀 you cannot imagine how our apartment looks like after 😀

Here is picture but really- its not finish! When the final version will be ready I will let you know:)))

Let me know what you think about and If you are interested to have one maybe? :))