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Following the big success of her latest work, Little Caprice is now also looking for new areas to explore. Expect to see some inspiring fashion-related projects coming up in the near future. Of course, regular readers of her blog will be the first to know about it. Please use the contact-form on this page for any questions, fan-mail or booking-requests. And now: Enjoy your visit to Little Caprice’s blog.

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Cannes :)

Good morning my dears! So its almost 11, but Im still in bed 😀 I enjoy it, because tomorrow I fly to paris for some photoshooting, and I have to get up around 4, I hate wake up so early 😀 But will be great time, I have some very cool appointments there, so nice... read more


Good morning dears 🙂 Finally I can add the new posters in my shop, you can buy them separately, or exclusively as a set for very good price! 🙂 Also I found last pieces of calendars, which I didn’t know I still have so there is 50% discount as well… 🙂 Check... read more

Little Caprice Dreams :)

hello everybody 🙂 So now all our focus is to the new website 🙂 We really like the role of producers, we have lot of fun during creating new scenes 🙂 Thank you all for the Marriage wishes, and don’t worry, we got married thats true but really for us change... read more